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An Absolutely Free Automathic Account Lets You:

Contribute Mind Blowing Formulas

With an Automathic account you become part of a lively math community, and can make it an even better resource by adding formulas that you use all the time. Just hit the 'Add Formula' button, input the math using the MathML or TEX syntax, add a short description with a few plaintext links to external resources, an informative title, and some tags for others to find it by.

Throw Your Weight Around

With an Automathic account you can vote formulas up or down easily, which directly effects how they are displayed on the site.

Not have to look at our massive logo

We think our logo is pretty ace, so we naturally want it to be big and prominent enough that our visitors can't miss it. When you sign up for an Automathic account you are telling us that you're interested in the Math, not our logo -- and we respect this statement by making our logo smaller when you login.

Not be asked to Signup.

Every site likes it if you signup, but here at Automathic, we'd Love you to sign up; and we Love to tell you so. In fact, we love to tell you how much we'd love it if you signed up almost as much as we love to provide free formulas. The nice thing is, once you signup we become quite content and you can get down to the good stuff.

Add Formulas To Your Favorites

While seeing the formulas that everyone else uses and loves is great, seeing the formulas you use and love all in one convenient place is in every way superior. If mathematics looks like poetry, you've found the right place -- just click the star icon next to a mathematical sonnet to add it to your Favorites. It's like reciting a poem or looking at a painting on your wall.

Print Out Your Favorite Formulas

If you've read this far, you will know that we like to extol Automathic's greatness with as many flowery statements as possible. But this one is perhaps the most legitimate of Automathics many virtues; part of what makes it unique. Hitting the Print icon in the upper left will print or generate a .pdf of all the formulas currently displayed, without clutter.

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How Automathic works:

1. Browse through the Formulas, Equations, and rules; search if you are looking for something specific.

2. If there is a formula that is accurate, has a concise description, and you use: Vote it up!

3. If there is a formula that is either concise and accurate but you don't use, or one that you use but is poorly formulated or confusing, leave it be.

4. If there is a formula that is blatantly wrong, inappropriate, or spammy, vote it down or report it using the title as a handle for us to find it by.

5. If there is a formula that is confusing or a duplicate, vote it down but don't report it. Someone else may be able to figure it out.

6. If you run across something that you use all the time, add it to your favorites. That way it is always handy, and you can even print it out for your wall.