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Automathic is a croudsourced repository of mathematical Rules, Formulas, and Equations for everyone. It gives you the information you need — concisely presented and neatly organized so you can always find what you need.

The Problem

Students, teachers, mathematicians, and pizza cutters waste too much time trying to remember the formulas for problems they encounter. When you learn math, you learn all kinds of crazy amazing formulas to help you solve problems you might encounter — but they don't stick in the gray matter. Wikipedia has great in-depth theoretical resources, but it's hard for someone without a PhD to wade through all the information, find what they need, and apply it to their problem.

Enter Automathic

Automathic helps you with your everyday math problems.

By organizing the most useful, oft-forgotten formulas in one place where you can always find them.

  • Users like you submit the formulas they use most.

  • Formulas are sorted by votes, and you can comment on them too.

  • Search for what you're looking for.

  • You can also filter by popularity, tag, or date posted.

  • Having found what you're looking for — say, Area of a Kite — you can:

    1. Use it to solve your problem

    2. Print it out for a class or easy reference

    3. Add a comment

    4. Login to add it to your favorites (where you can find it later, or print out all the formulas you use)

    5. If it helped, vote it up so that it is easier for others to find

    6. Each formula has an unique link; if it helped, share it with your friends.